About Violet


Hi, I'm Violet Faith. I am a teacher and mentor. I help people change their relationship patterns so they can experience true love and lasting fulfillment.  

Several years ago, I experienced a shift in my perception and identity that is often referred to as awakening.
That shift set me free from the suffering and seeking I experienced as part of my every day life. 

Through that experience I noticed 12 qualities or virtues that made up the experience of living in the present moment, a set of resources that bring awareness and mindfulness to your life. 

My intention is to take what centuries of ancient wisdom has shared and make it practical and applicable to every day life through the understanding of the psychology behind it. 

 I have worked to validate these qualities with psychological and evidence based practices over the past two years combining the practical with the magical to support you. If it's not science based, it isn't part of my work and there is no shortage of ritual, meditation, and playful exploration of your inner world. 

My methods have been described by my clients as a reawakening of their innate knowing and natural personality. 

They tell me that I don't preach the grand metaphors of a self obsessed guru, and that I encourage them to look past the use of mystical justifications for personal philosophies. In other words, the practical application of my work will take you into a grounded experience of your truthful nature (who you prefer to be without ideologies and societal impact imposed on you).

I ultimately create a path that is meticulously mapped for you personally, and has nothing to do with my own identity, only the support of yours and who you deeply desire to be in the world.

I am not interested in me, or you being like me. I do not require your devotion in order to help you. I do not believe in hierarchy or pedestals. I have no lineage, no guru, no dogma to share. All belief systems are welcome and respected. 

 I am merely privileged to be a boat woman on the river that is your life for as long as you trust in my sense of direction. I cannot give you a faith, a calling, or a cause. I can only guide you to your own answers. I will not seek for you to be converted to my own versions of these things either. 

It is only truth when it emerges from your own heart. 

On a personal note, I am a woman of reverence and depth. I am not afraid to curse, speak truth right into the tenderest spot in the matter, hold you accountable to yourself and use witty repartee while rolling in laughter. I find pleasure in the journey to mastery and would rather run into the fire and get burnt crisp and shed my skin than never experience its captivating warmth.

 I believe in providing exceptional levels of service and support while you find your way. 

The path, though challenging can be loving too. That is the meaning of luxury in my work and that can appear differently for each individual. 

I'm exhausted by spiritual stories of transcending the ego....who wants to ignore this precious humanness? 

I believe you miss out on the extraordinariness of life if you seek to believe you are in constant control through manifesting. 

 My work is about showing up, doing the heavy lifting of living from the heart, and the alchemy of finding the gift in all of life. 

There is a knowing, an unknowing, and a sweet spot in between that encompasses it all. I live and love my life from there.